Why Do Dermatologists Say That Acne is not Caused by your Diet

By admin On November 13th, 2014

Advertising is blinding us. It is a common phenomenon. The big boss can choose to manipulate and brainwash every consumer so that they can get the most profit. If you think of it, that is what the acne treatment industry is doing to its consumers. All acne researchers claim that there is no cure for acne and the only way to steer clear from these embarrassing skin condition is to keep using an acne treatment kit that will continuously prevent new breakouts. They are asking the consumers to be fully dependent on their product and immediately eliminates the notion that there are other ways to treat your acne.

Most over the counter acne products are designed to treat acne externally. They do not deal with the inner workings of the body. That’s the main reason why you can’t completely treat ace using these products. What you need is a holistic treatment that can help you get rid of acne from inside out. Too much advertisements can stir you away from the real truth. These acne products though can make your acne better over a long period of time, do not provide a permanent solution for acne.

So how do you deal with your blemishes? The first thing that you need to do is to change your diet. It may not be a complete solution for acne, but you can definitely improve the overall condition of your skin by taking in certain foods. I am a firm believer in the saying that you are what you eat. If you choose to clog your body with junk, then most often than not you become more prone to illnesses and skin conditions, such as acne. Look for foods that are high in Vitamin C, A, E, D and zinc. These vitamins and minerals can help you flush out the toxins from your body, increase and promote collagen formation for faster healing, and increase the vitality of your skin. Avoid foods that contains dairy and processed sweeteners. These foods can gunk up your system and may cause androgenic-like effects.

Finally, exercise. Keep your skin and body healthy through spending at least 15 minutes every day for walking. Walking helps your skin, your heart and your mind to be active. Protecting your skin from overexposure to UV rays is also important. Studies show that UV rays is the number cause of skin illnesses and skin aging.